Typical areas where we can help…..

Our experience has shown us that there are four particular areas where companies can benefit from having Arkman resources at their disposal.

v  Equipment reliability and performance.

  • Reliability and performance will not be achieved by accident. It requires knowledge and planning. It also requires continuous system monitoring and adjustment to ensure that expectations are met. This must be done by individuals with the necessary skills to achieve the objective.

v    Energy cost reduction and control.

  • Equipment specifically concerned with energy consumption requires special consideration. This equipment is using energy resources and is likely to have particularly high running costs. Therefore, further specialist knowledge is required.

v  Statutory Compliance: Safety and Environmental.

  • Construction Safety such as the performance of the PSDP role and Environmental Inspection and Certification can all be undertaken by Arkman.

v  System design and optimisation.

  • Any new system should be specified and designed to achieve a detailed documented level of performance.  The appropriate knowledge should be available for undertaking this task.

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