Energy Guidance

Arkman to Provide Energy Guidance

We are pleased to announce that Arkman has been appointed by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) as one of the successful tenderers to provide Expert Strategic Energy Management Support and Expertise in Energy Technologies to the Public Sector.

SEAI will be providing a number of supports to investigate energy saving opportunities and to identify what is required to realise these.

As one of SEAI’s Energy Advisors, Arkman will supply the appropriate guidance, assessment and mentoring support to enable organisations to realise valuable energy savings. 

We have carried out over 100 energy assessments and audits across a wide range of sectors during the last 10 years.  

  • When approaching any design or optimisation project, we take a comprehensive and holistic view of all resource consumption. 
  • Analysis of existing systems and the preparation of briefs and specifications for planned systems are central to this activity.  We will deliver Customised Energy Assessments to our clients based on our practical experience, sound knowledge and training. 
  •  We are conscious of the importance of organisational awareness and staff commitment and inclusiveness in the drive to secure better energy performance.  These factors are essential to Energy Awareness and to Continuous Improvement activity. 
  • We have built up a range of instrumentation to enable us to evaluate energy installations accurately and appropriately.  This includes leak detection equipment, pressure and flow measurement and light metering.  Our extensive industrial experience has given us a broad body of knowledge of the design and operation of pumping and treatment systems. 
  • We are acutely aware of the need to highlight the necessity for Energy Efficient Design, where, at the outset of a project, analysis and consideration of such aspects as the fuel selection, sizing, certified boiler efficiency, boiler controls and water quality are undertaken. 
  • We will prepare recommendations for organisations based on the analysis of data and information gathered from that specific business entity. Our Energy Performance and Assessment Process will be applied to all assessments. 

In Arkman’s view there is no single solution that can be applied in a general way to an organisation. 

Our methodology entails considering energy issues on an individual basis and evaluating each accordingly.

 “… Businesses that are focused on clean low-carbon products and services, clean technologies and behaviours will be central to the next phase of economic development…”

Brendan Halligan, Chairperson, SEAI (The SEAI’s Strategic Plan 2010 – 2015)