News!!!! Energy Audit from 2015

Energy Auditing


Under the S.I. No. 426 of 2014 , In Ireland SI 426 will be the key piece of legislation  that will drive the implementation of the directive in this country . SI 426 requires to non-SME  companies to carry out an independent High Quality Energy Audit BEFORE December 5th of 2015 (and every 4 years thereafter)

A High quality energy audit has essentially been defined in the EU directive in the EU directive and in EN 16247 .

  • The EU have defined non -SME to mean a business with >250 employees  and/or  >€50m annual turnover.
  • The SEAI shall publish on its website transparent and non-discriminatory minimum criteria for energy audits, to cover buildings or group of buildings, industrial operations or installations , including transportation, based on guidelines as laid out in Annex VI.
  • The audit must be independent and carried out by a registered Energy Auditors.
  • SEAI will determine the qualifications and competence that will be accepted for Registered Energy Auditors in Ireland.
  • The SEAI shall promote the availability and benefits of High-quality energy audits under the energy audit scheme.


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