Newsletter February 2012

Arkman & Healthcare

Arkman Consulting Engineers has many years experience working in hospital environments, and is familiar with the particular requirements and controls that are essential when healthcare projects are undertaken.

What We Can Offer Our Clients:

  • Wide-ranging Knowledge & Expertise
  • Experience & Professionalism
  • Risk Management
  • An Ethical Approach
  • Quality Service
  • Responsiveness to specific client needs

Our Principal Activities in the Healthcare Sector:

  • Project Management
  • Health & Safety
  • Design & Specification of specific Hospital Services such as Ultra Clean Ventilation
  • Maintenance & Energy Conservation
  • Specific Control Measures such as Sterile Services, Isolation Rooms & Theatre Design
  • Selection & Installation of Clinical Equipment
  • Facilitation of Internal Hospital Moves & Transfers
  • Compliance with Standards such as SARI, HIQA & HTM

We Also Offer Lean Analysis & Implementation:

Many healthcare organisations are embracing Lean Healthcare as a methodology for improved flow and efficiency.  The best time to consider the implementation of such systems is at the concept stage of a construction or renovation project. The essence of Lean is the systems approach, which is holistic.  Lean is not about manufacturing or service, but about the system that brings both of these together. 

Lean provides ways of making processes flow faster, more smoothly, more efficiently and more consistently.  Redesigning healthcare by applying principles borrowed from industry can result in the elimination of hospital-acquired infections and other medical problems. The more waste one removes from a process, the leaner it becomes.  The leaner it becomes, the more efficient it becomes. 


  • Focuses on maximising process velocity
  • Provides tools for analysing process flow and delay times at each activity in a process
  • Centres on the separation of “value-added” from “non-value-added” work with tools to eliminate the root causes of non-value-add activities and their cost
  • Provides a means for quantifying and eliminating the cost of complexity

 Our Recent Healthcare Projects:

  • New state-of-the-art Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratory at the Mater Private Hospital
  • Multi-storey block at St. Vincent’s University Hospital
  • Refurbishment of Crosslanes Medical Centre, Drogheda
  • Cork Medical Centre design team