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  • Project Engineering

    Arkman’s core activity is Project Engineering. We are currently working on projects for Healthcare and Education organisations to help realise development and improvement plans. We provide experienced engineering knowledge and skills that will assist with the delivery of successful projects.

    The development of User Requirement and other specifications is a complex and time-consuming activity. Arkman can provide specialist knowledge that will help business to streamline this process. We can also assist with avoiding difficult issues should they occur during a project and will advise how to deal with them if the need arises. In addition, Arkman also has all the Project Management skills necessary to optimise outcomes for a project.

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  • Asset Management

    Asset Management is no longer an exclusively financial term. During the last 15 years the term has evolved to encompass the management of all types of assets, either tangible or intangible. This is because managing assets requires a particular approach and a skill set that is not always obvious or available in any single organisation.

    Today, Asset Management is a holistic activity that takes into account all the responsibilities that owning, managing or operating an asset demands. Asset Management standards have evolved to a very high level (PAS55 and others) and are continuing to do so.

    These standards help businesses to get the best possible return from their assets, while at the same time assisting them to mitigate or eliminate risks.

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