Asset Management Standard


     New ISO 55001

    Published January 13th 2014



    The new Asset Management standard has now been published by the International Organisation for Standardisation. It will be known as ISO 55001.

    Asset Management  is “the coordinated activity of an organization to realize value from assets”. Application of the standard will greatly assist organizations from all sectors in getting the best possible value from the physical and other assets that they have invested in.

    With proper application, benefits will include:

    • Improved financial performance
    • Better capital investment decisions
    • Demonstrated compliance
    • Enhanced reputation.


    Specialising in Asset Management & Maintenance Management and offering a holistic approach, we:

    • Have the skills and experience necessary to evaluate physical asset and infrastructure systems.
    • Assist organisations in dealing with maintenance on a strategic level, rather than on an solely operational level.
    • Carryout an ISO55001 Gap Analysis study on a site or organisation basis.
    • Apply the ISO55001 Asset Management system to get the best possible return from assets and to mitigate and eliminate risks.
    • Assist organizations in implementing transitional changes in training, education, organisation and company culture.
    • Provide effective Project Management and Design support when required.


    Case Study:
    Arkman worked  for the main contractor for the Dublin Port Tunnel to compile a comprehensive activity template for response to and logging of alarms generated by a supervisor control system.

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